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A. natans

>Initially my Aponogeton Nantans grew very large submersed leaves and 
>and flowered and looked great. Now all it wants to do is send up 
>leaves to the surface. Is this normal for this plant? 


>If I would cut 
>off the shoots before they get to the surface will it start growing 
>new submersed leaves? Some of the old ones are starting to die off 
>and I would like some new under water growth.

Nope.  It is a mostly floating leafed plant.

A. natans has been very useful in producing hardy Aponogeton hybrids for
the aquarium trade.  It is a very sturdy species, and less prone to need
dormant periods than many others.  But in and of itself, it's not the most
decorative aquarium plant, as most of the under water growth is just a
bunch of stems heading for the surface.  It can quickly block all light to
plants below as it spreads its vigorous leaves out on the surface as well.