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re: need help identifying deficiency

Jon Wilson wrote:

> I have noticed a problem developing in my tank.
> Some of my old anubia leaves are developing little
> whitish yellow spots that eventually turn into small
> brown rotting holes that lead to the demise of the leaf

> New growth is not impaired.


I took a look at the water report URL you passed on.  The report
is not accurate in at least a couple of areas;  The TDS reading ( 89mg/L )
and conductivity ( 810 mg/L ) are not possibly both accurate.  It's
one or the other, and my bet based on the other parameters is the
conductivity is off. It is likely 150mg /L or whatever but this is not

The Ca value ( 0.002 mg/L ) also looks off. Based on most of the
other parameters in the report, I'd feel fairly safe that you have soft

Soft water is better than hard ... hard  'suades many to RO. Your
symptoms indicate K deficiency.  If you have been supplementing
as you indicated at Ca and Mg of 80mg/L and 20mg/L respectively
for some time,  it is possible a K imbalance has developed.  I would
boost K to equal Mg.

You mentioned that the older leaves are showing symptoms but the
new  ones are OK.   They're OK because the old ones are not OK!
The plant has translocated its K ions to the new growth where they are
needed - pretty smart!  If left as is,  the K would eventually leave the
old leaves and the necrosis would spread from the brown rotting holes
you now have to larger parts of the leaf.

Good luck.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net