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re: need help identifying deficiency

> From: "Christopher Coleman" <christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net>
> Jon Wilson wrote:
> > I have noticed a problem developing in my tank.
> > Some of my old anubia leaves are developing little
> > whitish yellow spots that eventually turn into small
> > brown rotting holes that lead to the demise of the leaf
> [snip]
> The Ca value ( 0.002 mg/L ) also looks off. Based on most of the
> other parameters in the report, I'd feel fairly safe that you
> have soft
> water.

My Hach CaCO3/Mg kit agrees with you:-)

> Soft water is better than hard ... hard  'suades many to RO. Your
> symptoms indicate K deficiency.  If you have been supplementing
> as you indicated at Ca and Mg of 80mg/L and 20mg/L respectively
> for some time,  it is possible a K imbalance has developed.  I would
> boost K to equal Mg.

If a K problem is rectified, will the old leaves normally heal? I am trying
to decide if I should trim the effected leaves, or not. I lot of these
anubia.* leaves are quite old (and LARGE), I'd hate to lose them, but if it
helps the plant recover faster...

Open to opinions, as always....

Jon Wilson