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Nature Aquarium Imports

Several days ago, I asked the list if anyone was waiting for products from
Nature Aquarium Imports (the U.S. Distributor for ADA products from Japan).
On the 6th of March, I placed an order via their web-site, which was
confirmed by Art Giacosa, the principal of the company. He advised me weeks
ago that my order would ship "tomorrow". The products I ordered were (and
are) listed on the web-site as available and would ship in 24-48 hours.

Well, it seems like "tomorrow" never comes. I'm beginning to feel like
"Little Orphan Annie". ;-)

My charge card has NOT been billed, so I'm not out any money - but I still
have yet to receive any product, and the NAI web-site, while up, still
indicates that my order has not been shipped. E-mail messages to both Art
and the company have gone unanswered. I do know that they recently lost
their one "full time" employee and the rest of the people with NAI have
other jobs, so delays are inevitable, but this is getting ridiculous.

I'm not alone in being in this situation - at least two other list members
have contacted me to tell similar tales - but one individual's charge card
WAS billed - and he has yet to see product, nor can he get confirmation of
shipping or waybill numbers.

Apparently, according to a recording on their phone system, NAI is
undergoing an "ownership change". Hopefully, once things get finalized they
will be "back in business".

But I urge caution to anyone who is thinking of placing an order with NAI
via their web-site until this situation irons itself out. Better safe than

James Purchase
(feeling like Consumer Reports...)