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RE: Lilaeopsis mower???

Scott Hudson is experiencing problems with his Lilaeopsis - it seems that
some of his fish might be disturbing the plants.

>My prime suspect is the Zebra loach he
>spends the most time at the scene of the crime.
>Other suspects
>Trio of flag fish
>2 black and 1 striped khuli loaches
>Malaysian  trumpet snails
>pond and false rams horn snails(the reason I got the Zebra loach to begin
>6 small characins (They may have the motive, revenge. I have had to release
>few of them after they got caught by my Aponogeton madagascarien.)
>5 Amano shrimp
>4 or 5 white clouds
>2 pearl gouramis

Well, the loaches could certainly be the "problem" - by nature they like to
dig and root through the substrate and around any rooted plants, looking for
food. If the plants are established they should be able to withstand this
"attack" but if they have not had a chance to become well rooted in their
location, the actions of the fish could be stressing the plants.

A possible solution could be to construct a temporary "fence" surrounding
the stand of damaged plants, keeping out the fish and allowing the plants to
recover and establish roots into the surrounding area. Once they are growing
well, remove the fencing. You could use a plastic "berry box" from the
supermarket, or anything similar which will provide a dome over and around
the stand of plants and keep the fish away from the area for a few weeks.

James Purchase