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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #815

Kelly Beard is looking for a pump which will allow her to refill her tanks
from water stored in garbage cans.

>I have an RO system and I store the water in a garbage can until I'm ready
>to use it.  I'd like to come up with a system where I pump the water out of
>the can and right into the tank for water changes.  I was looking at some
>little pumps at the LFS today, but the guy told me that they can pump water
>only so far up (implying that the water would never make it out of the
>The garbage can is about 30-40 feet away from the tank.  If anyone is doing
>something like this, I'd like to hear your solutions and what to look for
>a suitable pump.

I use Rubbermaid "Ruffneck" (67 L) storage containers to hold my R/O water
prior to my water changes. To get the water from the containers into my
tanks, I have an Eheim 1060 pump connected to a length of tubing. It works
nicely and is a lot easier and faster than hauling buckets of water. By
placing the pump into the tank, I can also pump old water out of the
aquarium as well. The "ease of use" of a setup such as this means that I am
a lot less likely to skip a water change due to lack of time or energy.

For really long run lengths, internal friction within the tubing will have
an effect on the volume of water which such a system can move in a given
amount of time, but I have found that the Eheim unit which I use is more
than capable of doing the job. Any increase in head pressure on the Eheim
units will just reduce the flow volume, not damage the pump mechanism. Eheim
makes a number of models, of varying capacities, and yes, they can be
expensive. But they last practically forever and Daleco currently has a sale
on all in-stock Eheim merchandise (35% off) so it might be a thought to
check them out.

James Purchase