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High CO2 levels

>Does anyone have any idea of what the effect of very high CO2 levels are in
>a high alkalinity tank?   Say kH 10, pH 6.2, CO2 190ppm???
>I would assume the high CO2 would drive CO2 back into the fish and lower
>blood pH?   But why moreso that with any other pH 6.2 water?   And what if
>the fish likes 6.2?   

I don't know that all fish can tolerate it, but Aquarium Heute had an
article a number of years ago that stated that tests had been done on
guppies, and while the fish didn't tolerate sudden increases in CO2 well,
they could tolerat CO2 up to 200 ppm if the amount was increased slowly.

I'm not sure what practical application this has though.  Most plants would
grow well at much lower concentrations of CO2 even at a considerably higher
pH.  While many soft/acid water fish cannot successfully reproduce in hard
water, most acclimate to it quite easily, and can live long happy lives at
a pH of 8 or above.  (I've kept both cardinals and rummy noses at this pH
for years)  The fish that will not successfully reproduce in hard water
with a high pH are no more likely to reproduce in hard water with a low pH.  

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association