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Wasted CO2

At 03:48 AM 1/30/99 -0500, Kelly wrote:
>>I've got an Eheim diffuser.  It's okay, but a lot of those
>>little bubbles make it to the surface, so that's wasted 

OK, let's do the numbers here.   Let's say you are using 2 bubbles per
second and wasting half (one bubble's worth escapes at the surface and is
not recaptured).   I have never seen a system with so much waste, but let's
assume.  A bubble is about .01 cc, so there are 100K bubbles in a liter=2g.
 A ten pound bottle of CO2 (medium size) costs about $10 to fill.  That's
$1/#, 4g=$.01.  One million wasted bubbles cost a dime.   If you waste one
a second, that's about 120 days per $1, or $3 per year.   How much time and
energy do you want to spend to save $3 per year?

The beauty of the Eheim is that the feed pressure is where a regulator runs
stably.  So no needle valve is needed and the system is very stable.   More
details in my sig.

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com