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>I have recently started dosing my tank with kno3 and was curius roughly 
>how much kno3 is recomended per gallon in a heavily planted tank (72 
>galllons). I have been pouring abount 2-3 tsp worth twice a week and 
>still have unmeasurable nitrates. 

It will vary for every tank, but that sounds high.  I'd check your test
kit.  Test within a couple of hours after adding the KNO3.  If it _still_
doesn't give you a reading, I'd suspect the accuracy of the test kit.  If
you can see the level going down over a period of time, you really _are_
using it up.  Still, depending on your substrate, just because you have no
nitrate in the WATER doesn't _always_ mean the plants are nitrogen
deprived.  Watch the plants and let them tell you how they're doing.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association