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Re: CO2 Injection Options

In a message dated 1/28/99 1:53:45 PM Mountain Standard Time, Aquatic-Plants-
Owner at actwin_com writes:

> This may be a silly, possibly dangerous question, but I think it 
>  warrants asking.  Has anyone used an alternative to the very highly 
>  compressed cylinders for CO2 injection?  What is the pressure inside a 
>  C02 cylinder?  If we used a different storage vessel, could we use a 
>  more economical set of delivery equipment?
The high pressure is so you have more CO2

> What I'm really thinking about is a lower pressure, lower volume system.  
>  A potential storage vessel could be a plain old air tank used to top up 
>  car tires, not a compressor, just a tank.  Then you could keep the 
>  pressure down to 25 or 50 psi, or whatever was effective given your 
>  delivery system.  25 or 50 psi might still last 6 months, which I could 
>  live with if the cost was cut in say, half or a third.  One problem may 
>  be getting the C02 into the tank, but we'll cross that river later.  
The biggest problem will be getting a small 25-lb bottle to last 6 days, let
alone 6 months.  The high pressure is not so you can use the fancy high-buck
gear.  It is so you can get the volume of CO2.  Gases squeeze into smaller
space when you apply pressure.  The cost of running back and forth to the
welding shop every week will more than compensate for the savings in the
initial setup.

Bob Dixon