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Re: CO2 Injection Options

>Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 08:06:16 PST
>From: "Colin Anderson" <colin_d_anderson at hotmail_com>
>Subject: CO2 Injection Options
>This may be a silly, possibly dangerous question, but I think it 
>warrants asking.  Has anyone used an alternative to the very highly 
>compressed cylinders for CO2 injection?  What is the pressure inside a 
>C02 cylinder?  If we used a different storage vessel, could we use a 
>more economical set of delivery equipment?
>I'm sorry, I'm not quite up to speed on this, but I'd like a jump 
>Does anyone have a DIY Cylinder driven delivery page out there that 
>really like?  
>What I'm really thinking about is a lower pressure, lower volume 
>A potential storage vessel could be a plain old air tank used to top up 
>car tires, not a compressor, just a tank.  Then you could keep the 
>pressure down to 25 or 50 psi, or whatever was effective given your 
>delivery system.  25 or 50 psi might still last 6 months, which I could 
>live with if the cost was cut in say, half or a third.  One problem may 
>be getting the C02 into the tank, but we'll cross that river later.  
>I've got a 135 gallon, so I could hide a reasonably large 'air' tank.
>Would using a lower initial pressure system decrease the cost of the 
>regulators that we must use?  How about that terrible needle valve that 
>seems to cost 75 bucks cdn?  
>Any ideas?
>Colin "I'm ready for CO2, but my wallet isn't" Anderson
Is your only problem with high pressure systems the cost?  I don't think 
you could make a low pressure system for much less than the price of a 
high pressure system.  I paid $135 for my 15# tank(filled), regulator, 
and needle valve at a local welding supply store.


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