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New leaves yellow

I have posted this question before and received some answers. I still have
seen no improvement, hopefully there are more suggestions out there.

All new growth on all my plants is either yellowish green or very light
green. I have tried many different plants and have had the same results. Now
in my 55 gallon tank are a few different Anubias, Crypts, Hygros and a pygmy
chain sword plant. There is no problem with new leaves forming, but they
emerge and stay very light green or a yellowish green The veins in one
Annubia are darker green and the edges are rolled up slightly. Even after 3
or 4 weeks if the leaves survive, they don't green up. The Hygro leaves
appear very thin and almost translucent, being a goldish color in stead of
dark green as the leaves that were on the plant when I got them. On another
variety of Hygro, the original leaves were round in shape, the new emerging
growth leaves are very elongated, thin , light green and get very ragged and
disintegrate eventually, same with the crypts.

Tank parameters:

55 gallon
standard "natural" aquarium gravel with Substrate Gold inserted by making
balls and drying per the instructions. Flourish tabs inserted in the
substrate at the recommended rate 6 weeks ago.

New England well water, no chlorine, chloramine etc.
Hardness=150PPM (only test kit I could find only reads in PPM)
Iron= .1ppm
PH= 6.8 (PH is rock solid)
Nitrates= 10PPM
CO2=20 PPM (DIY for three weeks , soon to be bottled CO2)
Temp=78 F
lighting= 110 watts of SHO compact. flou., 80 watts of flour. Vitalites
Moderate fish load
Fluval 303 with no chemical media
Aquaclear 802 powerhead with Quickfilter attached

Currently recovering from a thread algae breakout I believe was from too
much Flourish Iron as most suggestions said it was an iron deficiency. I've
had to prune all plants to remove most of the thread algae.
Three weeks ago I started to add 1 tsp. of Epsom salts when I do my weekly
25% water change, as some suggested it was a Magnesium deficiency. Last week
I started with 10ML of Tropica Master grow. I have never seen my
plants"bubble" as many people say happens with the addition of CO2.

What am I missing?????

Sorry to go on so long but I have a fair amount of time invested and don't
seem to be getting anywhere!