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RE: Optimal Aquarium Depth and Fluorescent Lighting

> From: Bob Hoffman <rshcjh at concentric_net>
> I know Vita-lites come in a 48" 110watt VHO bulb but are
> there a similar
> 24" VHO bulbs?  If so, a source for them would be
> appreciated.  If not,
> it would seem I am pretty much stuck with Aquasuns.  I really
> don't want
> to go with MH.  Any other suggestions?

I got mine from http://www.comnett.net/~lighting/ Great guy runs it, they
just take orders and have Durotest ship them to you. Shipping was 6.7% of
total bill. (Good deal on the 72" tubes:-) This place:
http://www.concentric.net/~durotest/dtvlpl.htm has available products and
prices. I haven't seen a 24" VHO.

You could try asking about them at: http://www.durotest.com/contactus.htm

Jon Wilson