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found SAE's in Portland, Oregon

About two weeks ago I was in my local pet store getting cricket and black
worms for my toads.  Like every week I browse their tanks while I wait for
them to bag up my toad-treats when I cane across a tank labled "Foxy
Ladies".  My eye nearly popped out of my head when I saw one lone
Crossocheilus siamensis in the tank.  I asked if they had any more and they
had one other loner in another tank.  After almost losing conciousness from
excitement I quickly purchased the two SAE's and asked them if they could
get more,  she said she wasn't sure.  Well a week passed and today I
received a call from the Tropical Hut (that's the lfs) to inform me of
their recent shipment of SAE's.....cool.  So if you live in the Portland
area they are located at 40th and SE Division and they have about fifty
left.  Oh yeah they are selling for a meager $3.