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Planted tank and algae pictures

I got my web site up with a few pictures of my planted tank.  I hope
to have more soon, but for now, there are a couple of shots of the
whole tank and a few good ones of the inhabitants.

or more specifically

You said you wanted pictures of algae, so here it is.  Can anyone
identify the algae pictured at "http://www.jps.net/dozenne/algae.jpg"?  
It grows unattached in the quiet corners of my quarantine tank.
(My "quarantine" tank is a 5 gallon with 2 14W compact fluorescents
lights.  I don't know why I needed this much light, but they fit,

Speaking of which, for some reason my quarantine tank does not grow
algae.  It has a UGF, coarse gravel, some wonderful *bright* green
anacharis, a small sword, a tiny crypt, lots of duckweed, and a
large crop (30+) of black molly babies living in it right now.
Since the molly spawn, I've increased the hardness to ~6 GH, added
a bit of salt, and kept it at 80F.  Previously it ran about 75F and
3 GH, just like my main tank.  I feed the mollies pretty heavily
and change the water every few weeks with used tank water.  Nitrates
are probably a bit higher than they should be, but I haven't
measured them lately.   The only algae that grows is that fuzzy
green stuff in the picture, and it grows so slowly and is so easy
to remove that I don't worry about it.

Don't tell me the mollies are eating the algae, because I had this
tank going for many months before the molly spawn, with various
inhabitants, and no algae ever.

David Ozenne
Berkeley, CA