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SAE? What's an SAE?

A couple of incidents this week which I found amusing.

There are two pet stores in the San Jose area that I frequent, as they 
specialize in tropical fish, and are usually fairly knowledgable (no names, 
unless you ask me).

I recall asking about Siamese Algae Eaters at store #1 about a month ago, and 
got a blank stare in return; they said they'd never heard of them, but would 
keep an eye open.

This week I walk into the store, and what do I find?  A whole tank full of 
SAE's, labeled 'Algae Eating Sharks'!  I purchased a couple, and when I 
commented on the name, I was corrected, again being told that they'd never heard 
of SAE's, and that these were definitely Algae Eating Sharks.

(BTW, after getting them home I double checked thekrib.com, and these are 
definitely Crossocheilus siamensis, not Epalzeorhynchus sp. (false siamensis).

On Sunday I wanted to purchase more, but store #1 was closed, so I went to store 
#2.  I wasn't really expecting to find anything, but to my surprise found a tank 
labeled "SAE's / otocinclus".  

The tank was full of what were obviously Cardinal Tetras.

I inquired at the counter, and after a moment of silence the guy's face lit up 
and he said "Oh, you mean the otocinclus!  We get more in this Thursday."  After 
describing the difference between an SAE and an otocinclus, he asked "Are you 
sure you aren't talking about a Flying Fox?".  

"Yes... no, almost!" I cried (I get excited easily :).  After another 
description he promised to get some if he could find them.

So next week I expect to be able to purchase some really nice Algae Eating 
Tetras at store #2!

 - AFC