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re: PMDD working

Dave -

Had you been adding any macronutrients before?

I struggle with my nitrate levels, and have never considered adding anything 
other than micro nutrients because of this.  I am slowly getting things under 
control, but am getting really sick of biweekly water changes, and I'm sure my 
fish would like to start eating again :\

I'm wondering if you might have been deficient in some other nutrient that is 
including in the PMDD, and that I might have a similar situation...

 - Anthony
David C Lorenzen wrote:

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 07:51:31 -0600
From: "Lorenzen, David C" <david.lorenzen at eds_com>
Subject: PMDD working

I began using the PMDD formulas posted on "thekrib" shortly before
Christmas. Previously my nitrates were consistently above 10ppm 
and phosphates over 2ppm. Recently after returning from a short 
business trip (wife continued to dose for me) I tested the water chemistry
and discovered that nitrates were down to near zero, phosphates around
I had began to increase separate doses for potassium, and within 5 days
of the nitrates dropping, the addition of calcium. I do need more testing
to determine if the potassium (after about 10 days) kicked in or the
recent addition of calcium. 
I never thought I would say this, but I am now adding nitrate. This may
still be a little early, three weeks, but I am pleased that I may have this
under control. Continued close monitoring is still required.
Thanks to the authors of PMDD, Paul, Kevin and those who contributed,
George, Karen, Tim. And special thanks to Neil and Steve for their
offline comments and suggestions.