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More on Kitty Castings

Tom wrote:  
Well I give up too.  I've tried everything to get my cat to go in the
nothing works. I can't hold it down long enough.  The darn animal gets
slippery when wet too.  And mad, real mad.  Maybe lead weights?

        About 30 years ago I adopted a large grey male cat from
        the animal shelter. On his cage was a note with his particulars
        and under *reason for given up for adoption* it read: *has
         eccentric habits*! Perfect! Just what I wanted.

        Well, one of his eccentricities was using the bathtub for a
        litter box. To cure him of this I installed a glass sliding
        door. It didn't phase him a bit. He started using the toilet!
        Now this was eccentric! When friends were over and WC would
        head for the bathroom, they would all go watch.

        So Tom,maybe you could install a toilet seat over your tank.
        This would eliminate the task of weighting down *kitty*. You
        just have to keep and eye on toddlers going thru the potty
        training phase, freinds who drink too much and really,really
        old people. 8-)

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