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Re: SAEs losing stripes

I don't know how appropriate it is to respond to my own post but I have an
update on my SAE's losing their stripes.  They found them again almost as
quickly as they lost them!  Perhaps the stripes were hanging on the back of
the tank while they played "finzies" <g>.  Don't understand it.  For at
least a day the stripes were virtually nonexistant with only splotchy
markings where the stripes should be.  At 4 centimeters, I think they're a
little young for a spawning ritual, don't you think?

One correction on my previous post.   It was "nalicilic acid" and not
"noxicilic acid" that I used (I sure hope my pharmacist doesn't make
similiar mistakes).  I don't know how effective it was on my neon tetra
disease but all of a sudden I've got a cyanobacteria bloom, a virtual carpet
of blue-green algae on all of my upper leaves even the stalk on my recently
flowering A. Crispus.  Did I kill the aerobic bacteria in my UGF?

Craig David
Long Beach, CA

P.S.  A special thinks to our "List Mom" Cynthia for her assistance and
"above and beyond the call of duty" patience for advising me on posting
procedures.  I've been monitoring this list for some time but ran into a few
major "glitches" upon posting for the first time.