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More on Substrate Gold

> I have had a 75 g set-up with Substrate Gold since 1995. I used 1/2 of the 176
> oz. jar under 100 lbs. of Tex-blast blasting sand. I believe that was the
> recommended amount. I have been generally happy with it. Actually, I was very
> happy for the first 2-3 years. During this past year, I have seen a growth
> slowdown. This may, or may not, be related to the Substrate Gold. I have done
> virtually _no_  substrate disturbances during this time, and the bottom is so
> stuffed by roots that it is hard to press your finger into the gravel in many
> places. This tank has had occasional, minor problems with a mysterious black,
> toner-dust like algae. I should probably post a photo of this mystery stuff.
> Overall though, the tank has been gorgeous and problem free. I have had green
> water a couple of times, (probably got over zealous with the Jobes sticks) but
> almost _no_ other algae.

 I have toyed with tearing this tank down, but I have decided instead to just give
it a major rearranging. I removed a sword that had taken over about 1/3 of the
tank. This has resulted in a major substrate disturbance, and the tank is quite
cloudy right now. I have been a little disappointed in the "settling time" of
Substrate Gold, but my SAE's and P. Taeniatus aren't helping. <g> For me, this is
still a "work in progress", so stay tuned.

I didn't know that Substrate Gold contained Phosphorus until recently. This would
probably have scared me some, but it hasn't created any problems. My LaMotte test
kit shows that it is barely detectable in the water, and that is probably from my

Would I use it again? Yes.
Might I try something else? Yes.

Hopefully, I'll get a web site up soon so that you will be able to see for

Thanks, Pat Bowerman

p.s: To Olga, could we say that you just got over a case of "Cat Scratch Fever"?