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Gilberg Perennial Farms

I just wanted to write a quick note regarding an order I just received form
Gilberg Perennial Farms.  I placed an order for several Hydrocotyle
leuopetala, Alternathera Sp., Echinodorus paniculatus and others and am very
pleased with the quality of the plants.  The order was received in a timely
manner, the plants were healthy (a bit yellow on some leaves of the amazons)
and ALL were potted.  They also sent me a free Lobelia cardinalis...I suppose
because my order was over a certain amount.  

The only quetion I have is this...do these plant companies ever send planting
or plant care instructions?  I did not need them because of the information I
have found here but I'm sure many others would appreciate such information.  

Anyway, I just wanted to put a plug in for this company.