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Re: Everything you never needed to know about....

Scat alert! Skip ahead to next posting for true plant discussion.

Olga wrote:
> >Kitty Cat feces or even bovine feces in raw form are very labile
> >(subject to bacteria of all kinds) and would certainly release more
> >nutrients  <great big gynormous snip>
> Goodness gracious Steve, I was only making a joke. Surely you could see
> that? None of us need a lecture about cat feces in the substrate or what
> worm casting are and what they do. Lighten up!

Goodness gracious Olga, I knew YOU were joking but you did raise a point
about EARTHWORM castings that I felt needed clarification. Why refer to
it as lecture? Certainly I think the information will be useful to folks
especially people considering using manure -or- earthworm castings as
fertilizer in the substrate. If you personally don't find the subject
interesting, why read it? why react to it? why share the reaction with

Lighten up yerself babe! ;-) We seem to be back on the scatalogical
theme again...

I giggled at George's Dupla post and your posts too. I often do because
George and I both use humor esp in our debates.

You should increment the sense of humor census! There's no cents in
getting worked up about it! and that's my two sense!

I'm CC'ing you directly so that you can respond directly in case you
want to... Consider this a gentle hint that the subject theme is
probably of extremely borderline interest to anyone else (except those
that find the pure technical discussions boring)

I'm CC'ing the APD because I think its appropriate to talk about
anything relating to aquatic plants on the APD or the guidelines for
postings to the APD. Personal criticism of other people seems not to be
appropriate for the APD. I think its ok to critique what they say but it
should never be personal. Whenever I read a posting on the APD that uses
the second person pronoun (you) its an indication that someone is
reacting to another person. That's why I generally avoid the second
person pronoun and address my posts to the APD at large. Generally. ;-)

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