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Re: Calcium Test Kits

>>I know LaMotte makes one ($!).  I believe Wardley makes a GH/KH Calcium
>>combo kit but, and this is a purely personal bias, I can't seem to trust
>>product with a picture of a fish in a lab coat on the box :-).

>I think I'll stick with empirical evidence.<g>

Evidence!  LaMotte's kit comes in a serious looking black case with a bunch
of vials, droppers and other professional looking stuff.  When I use it, I
like to dim the lights, gel my hair up to look like Dr. Frankenstein, set up
those glowing plasma globes from Radio Shack on the table and have a family
member shake a large metal plate for thunderous sound effects.  Then I sit
and count drops.  THAT's a test kit!  These cheapy-weapy "don't drink the
test solution when you're done!" test kits just don't give you the same

Darren ("Throw the switch, Igor!")