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Re: conductivity

Re: conductivity

Roger Miller responded to my post:
>>>I assume that with mS you mean microSiemens/cm, not milliSiemens/cm. 

Yes, that's what I meant, sorry.

>>> If I remember right, my tanks read around 600-700 -- higher than the tap water
because of evaporation and feeding, mostly.  That's "fresh" water but it
might be higher than you have in mind.

Interesting; then maybe I shouldn't panic. At least one other person has a planted
tank in this range.  My tap water measures at about 800-900, but with a totally
different composition (very hard), unlike my soft, buy K-rich aquarium water!

>>> A friend's less heavily managed tank measured
> 56mS, as a comparison.  

>>>That's very low.  From what Dr. Dave has said I'm a little surprised that
water with a conductivity that low would contain enough Ca++, Mg++, K+ to
support good plant growth.

Yes, it is low.  And I would not characterize his tank as having "good" growth either. 
It is deficient in all the things you mention above in my opinion.

Roxanne Bittman