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A "kitty-litter" substrate

On Sunday I'm setting up a new 33 gallon aquarium in the den. I have the
tank where I want it so I'm putting in the Flourite. I'm rinsing the
Flourite in the laundry tub in the basement and carrying it upstairs in
buckets. I put in 2 buckets and when I bring up the third there he
is...Riley my Russian Blue cat is in the tank, hunkered down in the wet
Flourite looking right at home. I think about getting my camera, I call
Russell and we're laughing and thinking how cute he is when he suddenly
gets up and starts digging a hole in the Flourite!! I removed him
quickly...little devil. Imagine if he had peed in there! Maybe I should
have let him. He would have added extra ammonia for the plants!
Hummmm....Would cat feces in a kitty litter substrate be the equivalent of
worm castings in a soil substrate? <g>

[Newbie alert!!! Don't put cat feces in your substrate!! (that was just in
case someone thinks I'm suggesting it.)]

having a laugh in Vancouver