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Terralit...see archives

>Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 15:20:08 -0500
>From: "Guang Yan Wang" <lesenw-2 at idt_net>
>Subject: Terralit
>The substrate by aqualine buschke, terralit, is it an affective aquarium
>plant substarte? I'm setting up a new plant aqurium, I want to know if it
>can hold nutrients withing the substrate and provide this nutrients to the
>plants? Could anyone tell me some of thier experience with the product? Do
>you get good results?
>Thank you

Guang Yan, This is one of those questions that has been asked *many* times
and answered many times (and quite recently). I suggest you read the
achives and look for discussions about Terralit. I use it and like it fine
but please don't make us all talk about it for the hundreth time. If you
are new on the list, always look through the archives first for simple
questions like that. The archive address is at the end of every digest.
Once you've read all that and you still have a question then ask away.

in Vancouver tired of the same old questions