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RE: Source for Dupla Iron Test Kit

Bob Dixon was looking for a source for the Dupla Iron Test Kit. Last time I
checked (5 minutes ago), J.P. Burleson carries Dupla and Tunze products. His
web site may be found at: http://www.jpburleson.com/. I've ordered numerous
things from them over the web and have had prompt, efficient service in the
past. If there is a Dupla product which you want but don't see listed on the
website, I'd suggest that you e-mail John Burleson and ask him about it - he
is the American distributor for both Dupla and Tunze products and should be
able to supply anything which is in either line. The only thing that is
curious is that I can't see Duplarit G or K as a listed product in his
catalogue right now, although he has listed it in the past.

James Purchase