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Re: Source for Dupla Iron Test Kit

Burelson is no longer the US distributor of Dupla products, and is clearing out
their remaining stock, much of it at 40% off.  Why this isn't on their web page I
don't know, but its what they told me when I called to confirm the rumor (and see
if I could get neat stuff cheap! :-).  I've heard elsewhere (disclaimer: this is a
big fat rumor, so it may not be true) that Dupla dropped them due to the
difficulties their customers have been having getting their products, as well as
their high mark ups.  Apparently, when Aqualine-Buschke dropped them and went to
Red Sea the retail prices for the products dropped something like 25%. Burleson
told me they were the ones that dropped Dupla, so who knows?  If you want to call
and order stuff the phone number is: (301) 846-4800.

Justin Collins

> Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 18:28:36 -0500
> From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
> Subject: RE: Source for Dupla Iron Test Kit
> Bob Dixon was looking for a source for the Dupla Iron Test Kit. Last time I
> checked (5 minutes ago), J.P. Burleson carries Dupla and Tunze products. His
> web site may be found at: http://www.jpburleson.com/. I've ordered numerous
> things from them over the web and have had prompt, efficient service in the
> past. If there is a Dupla product which you want but don't see listed on the
> website, I'd suggest that you e-mail John Burleson and ask him about it - he
> is the American distributor for both Dupla and Tunze products and should be
> able to supply anything which is in either line. The only thing that is
> curious is that I can't see Duplarit G or K as a listed product in his
> catalogue right now, although he has listed it in the past.
> James Purchase
> Toronto
> ------------------------------