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Re: Hornwort & anacharis don't grow

> Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 15:48:37 -0800 (PST)
> From: Jay Dike <jjdike at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Hornwort & anacharis don't grow
> This is sort of an abbreviated post of one I made Jan. 11
about plant
> growth.  I'm wondering specifically if there is something
hornwort and
> anacharis especially don't like - because they don't seem to
grow at
> all in my tank.  Other plants seem to doing ok.  Water and
tank info
> are in the Jan. 11 post so I won't repeat here.
I don't know about anacharis, but hornwort. It failed me a few
times at the beginning of the hobby. Mostly due to insufficient
light and nutrients. 1.5w/g. No fertilization. As I read as
much stuff about plants as available, I found out their
specifications. Soon as I upgraded light to 3w/g and bought a
liquid fertilizer, hornwort began to take off. Later on I got
rid of the canopy and glass. Since then, it has never failed
me. I placed the anchored-on-substrate hornwort bunches
together close to filter out trap in the open-top small tank.
Prune the lower parts and throw them away weekly. My tank has
an oily layer(proteins) on top. So the plants under water
current receive the most light.

FWIW, hornwort maybe perfers my water chemistry: pH 7.4, 425
ppm hardness, 120 ppm buffering. Since it's open-top, water
evaporates quite fast. Every day or other day at night I fill a
bucket with tap water and let it stand overnight. No water
conditioners. Next morning I pour it in to tank slowly. It
might give the plants added minerals and trace elements.


> Jay Dike
> Livermore, CA

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