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Re: Erythromycin for Cyanobacteria

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Karen Randall wrote:

> I have never had to dose a tank with Maracyn for more than two days to wipe
> out a cyanobacteria infestation.  In most cases, a single dose is enough.
> I think most of the people who advocate dosing for multiple days use a half
> strength dose.  I'm not sure what their reasoning is for this.  I'd rather
> get it over with.<g>

I agree that the cyanobacteria are gone before the end of a treatment. But
you need to continue with a complete treatment as instructed for the
antibiotic so that you don't promote any antibiotic resistent strains of
bacteria (or cyanophytes) in the tank.

People are dying with infections of antibiotic resistent bacteria. It is a
very real threat.  I don't expect the bacterial apocolypse that some
authors in the biochemical literature seem to predict, but bacterial
resistence is a danger.

Roger Miller
a possible carrier of methycillin-resistent staf