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Re: Constant influx (was CO2 from tap water)

Dave writes:

> I have informed individuals that the (constant influs of fresh water from
>  the
>  tap) concept could be bad. How would one monitor and control the excess
>  ammonia, chlorine, etc from the tap water?
The tap water in these systems is coming in at a rate of less than 10% of
volume per day.  The amount of chlorine in this much water will dissipate fast
enough that you won't ever have to worry about it.  Even in areas where the
tap water has very high Cl concentrations, you can do a 20% change, and it
will be gone before you wake up tomorrow.  Chloramines at this concentration
will also be broken down, and metabolized by either your plants or your
biological filter.  RO and DI units before the water change system can also be
used to reduce the hardness, and eliminate this problem completely.  One
simple solution is to have the treated water run into a barrel, and use a pond
pump in the barrel to pressurize the system, with the excess running back to
the barrel.

Bob Dixon