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fossilisation AND laterite


It has been my impression over the years reading Kevin Osborne's planted
aquarium articles in FAMA that he has always advocated a_low tech_
approach to the hobby.  The first articles I read of his on the hobby
were in the April and May 1984 issues of FAMA.  In fact, those articles
provided the inspiration for me to first get started in aquatic plant
keeping. But at that point no mention of any substrate additive was
made, and I guess he has just maintained that position over the years.

Here on the APD we have laterite advocates, soil and other more fertile
substrate advocates, and even kitty litter advocates.  I guess Kevin
Osborne could be classified a plain gravel substrate advocate.  It seems
to work for him, but my guess is that many of us would be a little less
than satisfied with the overall results and growth rates if we used his

Anyway, that's my $.02US worth.


Jay Bickford
Savage, MN