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Re: water changing systems

Years ago when I had multiple tanks on a central filter system I used an
automatic water changing system with it.  At the time I had 1400 gallons
of tanks on the system.  After the second from the last filter fresh tap
water was added at a rate of 100 gallons per day.  The final filter looked
like a diatomic earth filter but had a special powder that was supposed to
remove chlorine from the water.  The system worked just great giving me
the equivalent of a 50% water change every week.

The drawbacks though to a centralized system like this though was if
one fish got sick within a few days all your fish got the same illness.  In 
four years of running the system the first ripe out (6 months after I got it
 running) had me add a UV sterilizer on the second wipe out I gave up
fish for a few years.