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Lurker's tank and anubias question

Thanks to the list, I have an essentially algae-free 75 gallon tank (without
bleach).  I've been lurking for about 2 years and have done several
experiments in 10g tanks before putting this tank together.  It's growing huge
quantities of stem plants every week.  The sagitaria sublata, java fern,
various crypts and various anubias are also growing great.  Tank inhabitants
are 7 juvenile rainbows, 5 SAE's, 5 otos, and 1 microlepidogaster.  I'll post
a web page one of these weeks with more details on this tank.

Questions for the list:
1) I have an anubias with arrowhead-shaped leaves that I have not seen in any
references.  It grows slowly, even for an anubias.  Has anyone else seen this
2) Does anyone in Colorado Springs want some of the excess plants?  If so,
please contact me off-list.

Thanks and regards,