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Re: Algae Sequestering of Nutrients

First, welcome back Frank,  I have miss your posts.

Neil Frank wrote:

> the soil doesn't necessarily start out with a lot of phosphates,
> but over time I believe it soaks it up from stuff which precipitates
> out of the water.

You have mentioned this before.  As I recall, you felt that one of the real
purposes of laterite might be to serve as a  "sink"  for phosphate,  taking
it from the water column and  "pulling"  it  safely into the substrate, away
from algae.  I have green algae at the substrate / glass  interface (not
Your comment has always made me wonder whther this was because of
elevated levels of phosphorus in the substrate or because I just don't clean
this area as well.

Do other APDers wonder about algae around the "substrate / glass interface"?

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net