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Trace mineral mix

Being unhappy with the currently available substrate 
enrichment/fertilizers products (they all seem to have to much N or P or 
both) I have just about convinced one of my suppliers to custom blend a 
packet of dry trace minerals only.  This is what I have asked for:

Iron  5%
Maganesse  2%
Zinc   4%
Copper  0.10%
Boron  1.3%
Molybdenum  0.06%

The blend is pretty much the "standard issue" hydroponics mix. The mix 
will be injected into the substrate as a thick slurry or combined with a 
solid material(clay ball method but something better than clay)) and 
inserted around the plants.  Anyone care to make comment:  too much/to 
little/something missing from the list?  K will be provided from 
potassium nitrate since it is readily available off the shelf.  

Frank Hillman