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Snails, algae... yay Ed!

>Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1999 14:29:25 -0500
Ed wrote:
>Subject: re: snails carying algae

Wasn't it Takashi Amano (correct me if I am wrong) that stated there
>will be all forms of algae in the tank at any given time, if conditions
>become right for growth then it will explode.

Right on Ed! All this Bullroar about bleaching everything is nonsense. Once
again I've cleaned a plant from the Goldfish tank covered in "hair" (by
this term I presume we are talking about the black fuzzy algae) algae by
putting it in with my four large SAEs. This morning there is only a sooty
trace of it. 

Why panic about a little algae. Take your time. Fiddle with nutrients, get
some SAEs and be patient. It's just a part of the ecosystem.

in Vancouver