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Re: bleaching snails

> Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 10:12:36 -0800
> From: "ALEX PASTOR" <alexp at idirect_com>
> Subject: re: bleaching snails
> IMHO anyone who bleaches snails is causing cruelty to
animals.  If a person
> is >that< concerned about having everysingle thing absolutely
> picture-perfect, then they would be better suited to
designing the show
> windows in department stores.
Bleach snails? I love them. I have MTS, ramshorn snails and
pond snails in my tanks. The first two were intentionally
introduced while the latter was accidentially done by new
plants. MTS does a great job at loosening up the substrate and
cleaning algae. RS does the latter job best. PS is a good

To efficiently get rid of snails, there are many methods: using
a piece of boiled vegetable; not overfeeding fish; brushing
snail eggs off the newly purchased plants in the first place.

> Pardon my snarkiness but this whole business is now getting
to be far too
> much.
I agree. Pretty soon there'll be high tech like laser to kill
off snails and unwanted organism just for the look of it. You
never know. I'm trying to keep a natural aquarium and then let
the naturn run it course, except for weekly maintenance like
water changes, fertilization and plant pruning, and plant

> Dr. Momfish
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