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Re: Tank disinfecting (was APD V3 #747)

Hello Adam,

I have a less expensive suggestion to buing (or making) a still: Why not
get a bottle of 100 or 120 proof vodka (Scotch will also do in a pinch),
disinfect the tank (there will be no permanent residue left) and then
dispose of the reminder in a more civilized manner!

A Haaapppyyy New Year, hic  :-)



> >My question is which alcohol, Denatured or rubbing?  Both have strong
> >poison warnings.  Also due to the poisons (does remain after the alcohol
> >is gone?) should I rinse the tank to get rid of the residue?    Thanks
> >for any answers.               JiM C.
> You could try to use a yeast co2 generator to make pure ethyl alcohol.
> You would have to distill it but it should work.
> Adam