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SAEs: gloom, doom, and factory fish

The following is reported by Harro Hieronimus of Germany in 
"Aquatic Survival:  Bulletin of the Aquatic Conservation Network, Volume 2,
Number 1 - March 1993" (http://www.holidayjunction.com/acn/as/v2no1.html). 

"...Crossocheilus siamensis - This loachlike fish is also one of the
most well known aquarium fishes as it is known as a good algae
eater. Thousands (to be honest, it must be tens of thousands) of
these fish are imported by wholesalers every year and it is no
problem to get as many as you want. However, according to my
information this species is extinct in nature now as a result of
the same dam building which is responsible for the vanishing of B.
sidthimunki. The fish are bred in Thailand, also hormone induced.
Nothing is known about the breeding biology of these fish except
for some reports (which are very superficial) of aquarists who
observed spawning."

I hope someone can comment, preferably to 'say it ain't so.'  

BTW:  I will probably be making a trip to Thailand this summer (to visit
family), and I suppose that there is an outside chance that I can gather
some sort of data that might help us to spawn C. siamensis... if you have
any ideas, write to me at 
thamiter at jps_net.

Crockett, CA