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Re: Catching fish

> I need to catch and trade-in a Rainbow Shark.
> However, my tank is too densely planted to catch him with nets.  I can't
> move the nets horizontally in most places.  I'm wondering if anybody knows
> where I can buy traps, or any other way of catching a fast fish in a
> densely planted tank.  I have been thinking about building a trap out of a
> clear plastic tube, with inward swinging doors at the end.  Would such a
> thing work?  Anyone had experience building a trap?


This is what I do: 
Take one net - as large as possible - and slowly place it vertically. 
Take your time so that you don't thrash your plants.
Next take something small like a stick and chase the fish into the large
When he's in the large one: take it out.

This works fine for me. The key to this approach is that you should be
able to lift out the large net quickly without destroying everything.
I find that taking a net out is easier than putting it in. 
You are free to place it (almost) anywhere you wish, so choose the place
carefully like e.g. an open area with low plants.

I wish you good luck,
		lots of patience,
			and a Happy New Year.

Andy Den Tandt	
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