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DYI Traps

I have used a device I made for trapping fish in the wild, to get fish out of
my planted tanks. I took 2- 2 liter plastic coke bottles and with a razor
blade removed both the ends of each, creating 2 tubes. Then, with a soldering
iron, weld the 2 tubes together, slipping one inside the other about an inch.
The welds are simply holes created by piercing the plastic with the iron
through the overlapping parts. Then take the 2 cap ends and remove the
threaded projection. Invert these ends into the ends of the tube/s and repeat
the welding process, leaving one end loose ( welded only 3 times at the top )
for retrieval of the fish from the trap. Also, with the soldering iron, pierce
small holes throughout the trap to allow the water to flow out of the trap.
Place the trap in the tank with food in it and the fish will swim into it.
Hope this helps,
Good Luck,