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Re: Black brush algae...

> Date: 27 Dec 98 04:34:53 EST
> From: Dana.E.Kennedy at Dartmouth_EDU (Dana E. Kennedy)
> Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #734
> I am currently battling a case of black brush algae. I have
tried everything to
> eliminate the problem. I know that high nitrates are usually
the cause of BBA.
> But, I tested my tap water the other day for phosphates, and
came up with a
> reading of .50 ppm in my tap water.
I don't have the answers to your 2 questions since I have no
experience with any phos-zorb products. However, what I know is
that phosphates can come from a number of sources including
cheap water conditioners, frozen live food, overfeeding, and
tap water. Understanding that, a check on all the sources might
answer your main question at hand. That's phosphates.

There are at least 3 ways to ditch BBA. First, using chemical
like phos-zorb to constantly remove the algae. Second, using
SAEs to constantly eat the algae. Third, manually and
temporarily scrap the algae off. None of the above would get
rid of the problem. However, troubleshooting the cause and
eliminating it will.


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