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Chelated Iron source

Hi everyone,
I seem to have accidentally fallen off the list for a while. Glad to be
I saw a post about a liquid chelated iron product from DRAGON. The
analysis of this
product is:
        Mg    0.5%        Magnesium Lignosulfonate
        S       3.9%
        B       0.02%
        Cu     0.25%      Copper Lignosulfonate
        Fe     6.0%         Iron Lignosulfonate
        Mn    0.25%       Manganese Lignosulfonate
        Zn     0.5%         Zinc Lignosulfonate
                                  Sulfuric Acid
I get the impression that 0.1mg/l of iron is a reasonable target, and if

I have done my
math correctly adding 1.6ml of this product per liter of tank
replacement water I will
have the correct concentration. (somebody check my math please).
My real concern is that somebody mentioned that Lignosulfonate is a
surfactant and may
be irritating to fish. Does anybody have experience with this product?
Harvey Schneider
harvsch at eathlink_net