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NEC lighting?

Hey all,
Today while shopping for timber for a hood for my new 65 gallon tank I
discovered something interesting.

The tank is 48x18x18 lighting = 4, 48 inch tubes (37 watt)

I came accros for AU $ 13.50  (about $9 US) a tube called NEC triphosphor
high grade, 5000k cri 88, isnt this an ideal plant light? 

I put it on a fish only disucs tank and it looked(OK) eeryhting looked
pretty greeenish well actually radio active.

Is this just some enhanced cool white or is it good (i bought 2 of them) my
other two tubes are going to bbe one gro lux and one sylvania aquastar 10
000 k

ANy comments.

Daniel Green

bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au