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Cat food - Nyet

At 03:48 PM 12/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>From: "Adam R. Novitt" <novitt at javanet_com>
>Subject: cat food
>I've been feeding my fish a tiny little bit of the canned cat food.  Just a
>little bit of what's left in the can the fish seem to love it. It is crude
>protein 13% (min), crude fat 4% (min), crude fiber 1% (max), moisture 78%
>(max), ASH 3% (max), and taurine .05% (min).  Comments?

Crude fat min 4% is likely to be max 20%, or worse.

You know the axiom "those who love the law and sausage should
watch neither being made" ? Well, it's worse than that for canned
cat food. It's made from dead and diseased animals that cannot be
used for human consumption and it heated to such high temperatures
to kill pathogens that is sersiously degrade the nutriative value.

I wouldn't feed that stuff to a cat I don't like, let alone my

A much better cat food is:

1 part ground beef
1 part boiled potatoes
1 part broccoli
few tablespoons of drid brewes yeast
few dashes of soy sauce
tablespoon of garlic powder.

boil the veggies, mash or blend
mix with all the other ingredients.

Feed one mouse sized piece a day. This very
closely simulates what a cat would eat in the wild.

Try it for a week or so. Your cats coat should
improve as should their friskiness. They should
also lose a bit of weight and be sleeker.

As for feeding it to fish, live food is so
easy to culture I don't know why anybdy would
bother with anything else.

live food fascist

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