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Light and CO2

+AD4-If you have 2W/g of light or more, your plants would probably benefit from
+AD4-supplemental CO2.

Hello everybody.

On several occasions on this list have  I seen the need/use for CO2 connected to the amount of light. This might be true, but not nessesarily the way we all think (more light, more CO2). 
At last years symposium at Aqua Plantae Scandinavica, biologist Ole Pedersen, Tropica, told of some research, which at least to me, was new.
The ususal +ACI-rule of minimum+ACI-, saying that any organism needs so many factors (nutrients, lights, temp., ect)
fulfilled in order to grow, and if any of theese is in shortage, the growth will suffer. This rule does not always hold absolutely thruth: Some plants, about dying from lack of light (energy) was given extra CO2 and started growing well. It was a strict scientific research and please don+AGA-t come back on me asking about double-blinds, statistic significance etc.,  I+ALQ-m not a scientist, but I know when to listen.
And I am sorry nobody responded to my message on using ironsulfate. At least I would like to know why.