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Re: Hydra Infestation

I once lost an entire spawning of Dwarf Gouramis to Hydra which I
believe were intoduced through a partial water change using water from a
nearby pond in which
Bluegills were breeding quite sucessfully.

Because I thought that the water parameters
were ideal in this tank, I wanted to try a
"natural" method of eliminating the Hydra.

This happened about 20 years ago, so
unfortunately I can't remember where I
read it, but some aquarium manual
current at the time stated that  large
Goldfish will eat Hydra.

I just happened to have a five inch
Goldfish in another tank. I put it into the
20 / G breeding tank, and within 3 days
all of the Hydra were gone, with no harm
done to the Goldfish.

That's the best method to get rid of  Hydra
that I can think of.

Good Luck!