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Hydra Infestation

(Karen Kline) wrote: <<<<< Hydra Infestation
I once lost an entire spawning of Dwarf Gouramis to Hydra which I
believe were intoduced through a partial water change using water from a
nearby pond in which
Bluegills were breeding quite sucessfully.
I just happened to have a five inch
Goldfish in another tank. I put it into the
20 / G breeding tank, and within 3 days
all of the Hydra were gone, with no harm
done to the Goldfish.

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Thanks to those who reported Hydra attacks to fry.
I also asked for and obtained several similar reports 
from the Apistogramma list.

At this point my impression is that clearly problems may
occur, but since in my own tanks with hydra fry have
grown without major problems, maybe there are certain 
strains which are less aggressive than others, or a large 
population is needed to see a major effect.
I noticed hydra blooms primarily when BBS are used for
a long time, and normally I use them just for the first few 
weeks of life of the fry.
Besides the neat goldfish idea mentioned above, I read
reports of success with Fluke-tabs, or Clout, or
copper, or low-voltage electrical current. Each of them,
especially if administered improperly, may to some
extent harm either fishes, or plants, or both, and should be 
chosen carefully.   Just my opinion!

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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