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Mission Impossible Planted Tank--HELP!

My boss at the LFS has chosen me to set up and maintain our planted display
tank.  I am to do so only within the following constraints.

Tank: standard 75 gallon, All Glass
Filtration: Millenium 1000
Substrate: 1 bag flourite, tex-blast to 4"
Lighting: 2x40w, 48" Coralife ColorMax tubes
CO2: Ceomat system

Fish: 50 Cardinal Tetras

Lilaeopsis (lawn)
Hygrophila polysperma
Vesicularia dubyana
Shinnersia rivularis
Cabomba carolinia
Eleocharis acicularis

The lighting issue has been brought to his attention and he replied that
when he was a kid, he kept aquatic plants with no water circulation, a
striplight and no fertilization and they did great--plus, lights cost money
and you can't sell disply lights for the full markup.  I am still going to
suggest that we use the 110w 48" Perfecto SHO light strip rather than NO
flourescents, but expect rejection.

Any ideas?  Please?